Remote Sensing Software Engineering Group







Intelligent Systems for Environmental Monitoring and Sustainable Development

  • Computing science research for environmental monitoring systems.
  • Complex, interdisciplinary projects involving Canadian and international satellites and research teams.
    • Canada: radar satellites-Radarsat-1; Radarsat-2 (~2005); hyperspectral satellite-HEROS (~2008).
    • International: US-Landsat, EO-1, Terra, Aqua; ESA-ENVISAT, PROBA.
    • Commercial: 0.5 m up (~10 satellites).
Objective and Activities
  • Primary objective is to develop intelligent computer vision and data fusion methods and systems to dynamically select sensors and features to achieve the highest recognition accuracies at the lowest costs.
  • Activities: hyperspectral analysis methods for determining spectral endmembers; creation of methods and system for creating Kyoto Protocol information products; high-resolution multiangle analysis for determination of 3-D forest properties; expert systems for data fusion; distributed data analysis over high bandwidth links with GRID architectures.
Project Examples
  • Automatic system for hyperspectral remote sensing endmember unmixing
  • Kyoto Protocol Advanced Classification System
  • An intelligent system for measuring from space the chemical properties of Canada's forests
  • A system to analyze 3-D multiangle imagery for estimating the 3-D properties of forests
  • Distributed hyperspectral and segmentation processing over GRID architectures
  • Distributed grid computing for the storage and processing of large remote sensing data sets
  • Development through collaboration of government, university and industry
  • Facilitates national forest monitoring and research activities

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